Background & Theological Training:

 Shan E Elahi came to faith as a teenager in Lahore, Pakistan. Three generations ago, Shan’s family was Hindus and a missionary from USA help them to accept Christ as their personal savior. After the separation of India and Pakistan, Shan’s family came to Pakistan and they are known as strong Christian family in Pakistan. 

Shan earned a Bachelor’s Degree with high honors in Mass Communications and Religious Studies at Forman Christian University (Lahore) and a Master of Arts Degree in Missions at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA). 

Shan made a history by becoming the first Pakistani Christian graduate to receive outstanding academic achievement award in professional degrees from a foreign seminary.

Foundation of History Makers Pakistan

As a passionate leader, Shan is serving in Pakistan for over 10 years. Importantly, In 2010 God spoke to him “Raise up a generation of mission minded believers who will make history by reaching, the unreached, engaging the unengaged and touching the untouched people groups. 

In him the vision to make History Makers Pakistan was only to encourage, equip and empower people of every age group to cultivate a desire for missions and discipleship. God made him the effective strategy of 5M:

1. Mission Outreaches     

2. Mission Schools         

3. Mission training’s

4. Mission Projects   

5. Mission Tools 


Shan E Elahi is married to the love of his life Victorial Gabriel. She loves the Lord and
her heart is towards serving the neighbors, through community development programs and
compassion services. Victoria had earned his Bachelor’s degree from Punjab University and had also served in BRC Refugee Center in Thailand for two years. 

God is using this beautiful couple to take the mission of the Gospel message to the unreached people groups of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the help of the committed national missionaries.