Investing in Families is Investing in Communities

History Makers Pakistan is giving hope to the families of impoverished villages to help break the cycle of poverty and share Christ’s love in Pakistan.

Millions of families across South Asia are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Often without easy access to education, medical care or even reliable employment, these families have little hope for the future. This suffering isn’t just relegated to one family but exists for entire communities.

History Makers is already serving in many of these poor areas, identifying specific needs and blessing families with items that help them fight the burden of poverty. Investing in these families makes community growth and development possible.

What are these Gifts?

Clean water wells, water filters and toilets help increase the health and well-being of an entire community.

 Through your gift to the Women’s Literacy Centers we will enable women to read and study God’s Word on their own, protect their families and learn some of the life’s most basic lessons.

Sewing machines, fishing nets, rickshaws and more allow a person to create their own income by putting those tools to work.

You will bring Christ’s love to the needy in the very practical way. We want request you to send the gift of new or used clothes, shoes, toys etc. Give a gift of care to the people in living in slums and villages of Pakistan. 

More than Social Work, these Gifts Share Christ

Community Development goes far beyond just meeting a community’s physical needs. These income producing gifts and life-improving tools are tangible examples of Christ’s love and more than 50 families have embraced the love of Christ as a result.

How Does Community Development Work?

·         Pastors and missionaries learn the needs of villagers.

·         Through prayer and planning, our staff determine how to best bless each community and/or family through gift distributions.

·         History Makers Pakistan finds a way to provide for each family in need (often gifts are provided through the Christmas Gift Catalog).

·         HMP-supported missionary or pastor delivers the gifts to families and follows up with them.

·         Families are actively increasing their livelihood and health through these gifts and many choose to be part of a local church.

We’ve seen and experienced the transformation that comes through love and care. Because of this, we’re committed to investing in and practicing the most effective ways to develop these communities.