HMP – Bible College exists to produce and send disciples of Christ to reach, engage and touch all people groups of Pakistan with the loving message of Jesus Christ.  

What Makes HMP’s School of Missions Distinct?  

We praise God for all the different Seminaries, Bible Colleges, discipleship programs and ministry internship opportunities excited all around the world. Each one serving and fulfilling the purpose for which they were formed. However, it is very hard to find a bible college in Pakistan offering a strong Missions program.

a.            We feel privileged that God would enable us to start the first School of Missions with a unique emphasis on missions, and knowing the Lord not in a theoretical way but in a way that brings about life change in Pakistan. 

b.            Moreover, it is an Interdenomintal church-based discipleship network – growing and reaching to different believers in all-round Pakistan to partner and start making disciples.

c.             We offer two years of Bachelors of Theology degree with all privileges and creditional to perform all Christian rituals by the official authorization from the government of Pakistan.

d.            This is church based missions’ program, encouraging believers to start a remote bible college in your churches or in your house. Even believers didn’t need a fancy church building, even we have witnessed great testimonies of believers discipling disciples; sitting under a rag in the crop field of a village in Pakistan.   

1. Sound Biblical Teaching and Study

The School of Missions affirms that apart from a solid, foundational emphasis on the study and application of God’s Word, life transformation will not take place. It is within the sphere of our submission to God’s Word that we find our life makes sense and we are able to live submitted to His way in his power. Because of this, every student in the School of Discipleship will not only learn the importance of the study and submission to God’s Word, but also the discipline of living Biblically in thought and action.

2. Mission and Evangelism Emphasis

The Strength and uniqueness of the School of Missions is that it is bathed in mission and evangelism. History Makers Pakistan is the context in which the School of Missions finds its direction. With Missions being the very heart of the ministry and the School of Missions, a natural passion is developed to live life in such a way that is defined by,” Knowing the Lord and Making Him known.” They also have frequent times of evangelistic street witnessing and gospel tract distribution. Importantly, our pastors encourage the students to preach in the Sunday service and help organize different programs. The emphasis that the students are part of is that we don’t just do missions but mission is a response to our love for God in all that we do.

3. Character Transformation

We believe God’s work in an individual’s life that brings about life transformation through character development will lead them to a deeper surrender walk. It is through the surrendered life that God’s Word is done and His Will is accomplished. Because of this, the subjects, activities and environment are developed to bring about this life change in each student and provide them the opportunity to grow in grace and love.

Funding School of Missions

To start a School of Missions with 10 students, we just need $100.  This over the cost of providing curriculum printed in 2 books one for each year.  So, in simple words you are sponsoring one disciple/church planter to get trained by just giving a one-time donation of $10.  Imagine in just $100 dollars 10 church planters will be send to the unreached mission field of Pakistan.

It cost $100 to ten disciples in one Bible College


 ($100 ÷ 10) » You will be training and sending a disciple by just giving a one-time donation of $10.