Missionary Training – Engage

Multiplying Healthy Disciples and Churches

History Makers – (Engage) 

History Makers Pakistan craves to multiply the healthy church planting movement in Pakistan.  We organize three training’s in three months and each training consists of 3 days sessions. Through a unique 9 days journey, participants are trained to plant churches in the unreached fields. Each session would offer hands-on learning experiences through faculty-led teaching, group discussion and exercise, and most importantly, through personal application. The Four Field Missionary Training is derived from Mark 4, helping believers from entering the new places (evangelism) to build a church among unengaged communities in Pakistan.

 4 Fields of Jesus’ Strategy

1: Entry – Empty Field

2: Gospel – Seeded Field

3: Discipleship – Sprouted Field

4: Church – Harvested Field

5: Leadership Development

Leadership Toolbox 

What make History Makers Training’s Unique and Distinct?

  • Leading churches and believers of Pakistan to get trained and reach their nation. 
  • Sound Biblical teaching and direct influence bring fruit in the most dark places.
  • Mission, Evangelism and Leadership Emphasis giving Church leaders a direction to multiply.
  • Character Transformation and identity confirmation is giving many young and old believers a call to unique destiny in Christ.
  • It a vision to see a multiplying healthy missional Church Planting movement across every village and town in  Pakistan.

History Makers missionaries are…

  • Passionate followers of Christ seeking a dynamic tool to help raise up the emerging generations for true Kingdom harvest,
  • Leaders in full-time Christian service who have experience in ministry and are ready to form clear vision for their lives,
  • And the driven and motivated college and university students who serves Christ on campus or a local church and is looking for the tools to make the most impact.
 Partner with us to train church planters each three days missionary training cost $300 and to sponsor a full 1-3rd touch training it just $900. In three months (3 days a month), you will witness a great fruit over the investment and partnership for the kingdom expansion in Pakistan. We would love to keep you updated every month as you partner and train and send believers even living at your home from any part of the World.