Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18

1. Mission Outreaches

 We organize mass evangelism outreaches in rural and urban areas of Pakistan and share the good news of the gospel. In one day, through great sound of worship and bold and passionate evangelist and prayer team we are able to reach many souls. 

2. School of Missions & Discipleship

 One of our great pillars in History Makers Pakistan is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ. Each year our national missionaries are training more disciples and we are sending them to the unreached and lost souls of Pakistan.    

3. Missionary Training’s

 Engage is a practical three days training that transforms hearts and equips believers of every age group to be the witness of Jesus Christ to the unreached, unengaged and untouched people groups.

4. Developing Communities  

 We love the Lord and serve the needy from that same heart. We meet these needs by providing things like clean water, sewing machines, clothes, and slum school education.

5. Mission Tools

A missionary with two sturdy feet and a passionate heart is a powerful tool for the Lord. We can help them be even more effective by providing mission tools to reach the lost.

6. Sponsoring National Missionaries 

We connect you with a national worker – these simple, humble servants of God minister to people’s deepest needs both physically and spiritually, in communities throughout Pakistan.

7. Child Sponsorship  

This sponsorship program provide Brick-kiln and Slum children a quality education, a daily meal and regular medical checkups through Life of Hope Program.

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Shan E Elahi – Founder of HMP

Shan E Elahi is the founder and president of History Makers Pakistan and making difference in the communities by the message of the gospel.

HMP’s Mission and Beliefs

Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to live lives fully pleasing to Him. Find out more of what we believe and what drives us.

Where We Serve

History Makers Pakistan serve and support the work in all around the Pakistan including urban, rural and tribal areas.