Women Literacy Centers

For the entire population, by 2018, Pakistan is expected to have a total literacy rate of 58 percent. Now you can imagine the literacy rate of Christians in Pakistan which is very low. Moreover, most of the are the women. https://nation.com.pk/08-Feb-2018/literacy-rate-in-pakistan 

These women face many difficulties, such as failing to keep their children safe because they can’t read warning labels, debt piling up because they can’t understand the bad contracts they sign and being cheated in the marketplace because they can’t do basic math. Worst of all – they can’t read the life-giving messages found in the Bible. Even if they want to read, there is no way to learn . . . until now. With your help, women in Pakistan can learn to read and will be equipped to tackle life’s hurdles.

 Through your help and gift to the Women’s Literacy Centers we will enable women to read and study God’s Word on their own, protect their families and learn some of the life’s most basic lessons. Ten dollar teaches one woman to read, learn basics and provide families in ways they couldn’t before.

To start a women’s Literacy program by providing notebook, and learning material to 10 women’s in a center will cost 10*$10= $100,  and a small monthly support of $50 to the teacher. So, it would only cost $150 to empower the ten women’s and start a Women Literacy Center in an illiterate village of Pakistan.