Understanding the need of Christian Women Empowerment

Women consist of more than 50 percent of population in Pakistan. Because of the discrimination and hatred of Muslims towards Christians many males are not able to get good jobs to sustain their families. In order to survive both Christian male and females have to work to earn their living hood. So, the females in the family have to leave the safe zones, and kids in home alone with grandparents to find a job. Christian women fall into lifetime careers as sewer cleaners, domestic servants or brick kiln workers. Payments for these positions are painfully low, or at times non-existent. Some employers give payment loans ahead to trap minority women, preventing them from ever paying the loans back as they continue to work for free on wheels of never-ending debt bondage

According to the Movement for Solidarity and Peace, a human rights organization in the country, around 1,000 Christian and Hindu girls and women are kidnapped each year, forced to convert and marry Muslim men. The victims are usually girls and women between the ages of 12 and 25.

Women Sewing Center

Understanding the big realities of persecution, traps of career jobs, kidnapping and forced to convert and marry. We want to start Women Sewing Centers under the safe roof of the churches in Pakistan.

Outcome and Long-term Impact

In each Women Sewing Center, 10-20 women’s will going through the tailoring training of sewing with the fully dedicated teacher. These women’s meet every day for 1 hour in the evenings. In just 6 months, these women’s will be fully trained to start their own tailoring business. Each center must have 5 machines to help these women to learn, earn and support their families, and protect them from persecution. Especially, this will give spiritual atmosphere to grow in Christ, as it also open great mission opportunity to share the good news with the women from other religious backgrounds and tribes.

Make a difference in the communities

You will give a Hope to the future of a family in Pakistan only just by a sewing machine gift of $60. You can save a girl and women from persecution, false accusation traps, force conversion.